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Neonic Pickleball Paddle Review – Neonic Force 16mm

Finding a top-notch pickleball paddle that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg can feel like hunting for buried treasure. Trust me, I’ve walked in those shoes! After navigating through this all-too-familiar terrain, I hit the jackpot with the Neonic Force 16mm Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle.

It’s my pleasure to share a comprehensive review of this game-changer that turned my experience around. Let’s dive in.

Review of the Neonic Force 16mm Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle

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  • Thermoformed
  • Toray T700 Carbon Fiber
  • Balanced Weight Distribution
  • Unibody Construction
  • Elongated Frame
  • 16mm Thickness

The Neonic Force 16mm Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle is a game changer for pickleball players of any skill level. With an average weight of 8.0oz, this paddle offers the perfect balance that allows you to customize it with lead tape and adapt it to best serve your gameplay style.

The handle, sealed up completely with carbon fiber using a heat press, feels solid and comfortable during matches.

This paddle is elongated and measures 16.5×7.5″. It provides an impressive reach for volleys and overhead shots while delivering more power to drives, serves, and overheads.

By injecting foam around the perimeter of the paddle before encasing it in carbon fiber, Neonic has done a good job at enhancing its sweet spot size and maximizing power which distinguishes it from other paddles in its price range.

The Neonic Force uses Toray T700 carbon fiber which is renowned for its tighter weave adding durability to the paddle’s surface.

All these features combined make the Neonic Force 16mm Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle a clear standout in its price bracket due to its unique thermoformed design, perfectly balanced weight, and superior quality carbon fiber.

My Rating

0out of 10
Sweet Spot Size8.7

Pros and Cons

The Neonic Force 16mm Pickleball Paddle has several strengths and weaknesses that are worth considering before making a purchase.


The Neonic Force 16mm Pickleball Paddle's strengths lie in its exceptional design and features. It boasts a large sweet spot, providing impressive power and spin potential.

The balanced weight ensures the paddle feels swift and agile in your hands. Its 5.3" handle length is perfect for 2 handed backhands, allowing for better control at the net.

Most notably, this paddle offers a remarkable blend of power and spin with its thermoformed construction and tight carbon fiber weave pattern. This combination truly makes the Neonic Force a force to be reckoned with!


One downside of the Neonic Force paddle is its lack of color options. Coming with only 2 color options, Green/Black and Pink/Black, may leave some players desiring a larger color selection to choose from.

On top of that, another weakness to note involves availability issues if ordering from their official site. With a skyrocket in demand, the site at times has trouble keeping stock. Eager players could find themselves twiddling their thumbs longer than desired before they can hit the court with this new paddle in hand.

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Conclusion: Overall Performance and Value

Overall, the Neonic Force Pickleball Paddle offers incredible performance and value, making it a worthy investment for players of all skill levels.

This paddle is great for delivering high spin and great power due to a thermoformed enlarged sweet spot and tightly woven carbon fiber face. Its value proposition is truly extraordinary as it performs just as efficiently, if not better, than more expensive paddles retailing at twice its price.

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